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Top-notch customized car cleaning services in the comfort and security of your own garage – that's the promise of Jim's Clean Cars.
Jim's Clean Cars is a professional mobile auto detailing company offering extensive Interior, Exterior and Full Detailing Packages.
Jim's Clean Cars caters to all types and makes specializing in luxury and sports cars.
At the helm of our team is car enthusiast and auto care expert Jim who utilizes an artisanal approach to auto detailing. We treat our clients' cars like our own and pay keen attention to even the smallest of details to make your car look, feel and smell like new again.
Jim's passion for cars is what drives him to take auto detailing to a level of craftsmanship that only Jim's Clean Cars can provide.


Behind the Brand & the Service

A clean car is a beautiful car – and a beautiful car says it all.
We believe that a car is more than just a machine – it is an extension of your personality and an expression of your character.
Driving a well-maintained car creates an impression of confidence and reliability – and who doesn't want to make a good impression?
Our team is here to help you make that distinct and admirable statement.

Mission Statement

Our Purpose

Jim's Clean Cars is a company devoted to restoring the beauty of every client's vehicle through unmatched attention to detail combined with a personal touch. The entire team aims to provide excellent mobile auto detailing experience for even the most discriminating customer, from the first interaction through service delivery. Expect utmost dedication - from understanding and determining the client's needs, use of only the highest quality cleaning and detailing products and service levels that each staff member can be proud of - to give you the cleanest, shiniest cars.
Our goal is to spread the passion for meticulously clean cars and enhance the joy of car ownership.

Our Story

Jim has always had an eye for beautiful cars.
His interest in cars started at a very young age, nurtured in the passenger seat of his father's car. His curiosity was further fueled by miniature models and remote controlled toys, which filled the shelves of his bedroom throughout his childhood days.
By the age of 10, he was already tinkering with the cars parked in their garage. "I would put stickers on their bumpers, have the wheels painted a certain shade, improvise the sound system, and clean the cars myself," Jim describes.
He admired his uncles' custom-tailored cars and would tag along with them when he grew a bit older. During this time, he and a friend would also play around with a Toyota Corona Liftback 1980's model, a seemingly casual activity that served as the starting point for turning his hobby into a more serious endeavor.
Eventually, he opened a car shop called Sentinel Automotive Services along Vito Cruz Extension in Makati where he personally inspected, painted, and cleaned all the parts of the cars that came in. He also restored old Renault cars using only original parts – a costly choice but one that made the cars stand out. Jim saw to it that these old cars gleamed just like when they were new and that not a single element was left unnoticed.
"I have always believed that it's the smallest things that matter and this has made all the difference," Jim says.
This unmatched attention to detail combined with a characteristic personal touch is what defines Jim's Clean Cars.

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