Introducing Asia's most advanced paintwork, leather and fabric protection system.

Long lasting protection for your car, inside and out...​ Guaranteed for 5 years!​

What is Supagard?

Established in 1988, Supagard is the UK’s market leader in professionally applied automotive paint and interior protection products. Products that offer real value to both new and used car customers, keeping your car looking as good as the day you bought it, which in turn dramatically improves the car’s resale value. Supagard is quite simply the most advanced paintwork, fabric and leather protection currently available!

5 Year Guarantee

All professionally applied Supagard paint, fabric and leather protection products are fully guaranteed to maintain your car’s appearance for a minimum of 5 years. This extensive and hassle free guarantee however is subject to some conditions.

Made in Great Britain

Supagard is developed and produced in Great Britain, where it is the market leader. The company services over 3,000 automotive dealerships and has over 4,000,000 (4 million) satisfied customers benefiting from this award winning unique technology.

30 Years of Development

Supagard has spent 30 years passionately focused on R&D and during that time customer satisfaction has always been absolutely paramount. ​These two factors have resulted in the development of the world's leading car protection system.

With Supagard, all the things that were an issue...​​

UV bleaching...

Acid rain...

Tree sap...

Bird poop...

Swirl marks...

Drink spills...

Mucky Pets...

Sticky hands...


Dye transfer...

...are no longer things to worry about!

Exterior Protection

All Supagard products have been developed to withstand the harshest environmental and climatic conditions and our new Polysilazane based Glass Coating Paint Sealant is one of the most technologically advanced treatments currently available. Rated at 9.7H in terms of hardness (a diamond being 10H), this incredibly tough, U.V. stable, barrier bonds to the paint work and seals the surface against all atmospheric pollutants, maintaining your car's showroom shine for a minimum of 5 years without the need for wax and polish.

Interior Protection

When a car’s interior is protected by Supagard, there’s no need to worry about spills! Once treated with InteriorGard, Supagard’s exclusive molecular resin based formula, each fibre of the seats and carpets is protected with a coating that won’t wash out. This prevents dirt and coffee, milk, soda or juice spills from being absorbed by the fibers and eases their removal, preventing staining. The formula creates an invisible barrier which helps reduce friction between fibres, prolonging their life and preserving the original appearance of the interior.

Leather Protection

For vehicles with a leather interior Supagard’s unique new LeatherGard formula helps preserve, care for and protect, the new look of leather seats. It seals and protects the surface against oil and water based staining as well as preventing dye transfer from clothing - especially helpful for light coloured leathers. The foam cleaner allows dirt to be wiped off without saturating the leather, and the molecular coating restores the natural oils so that the leather’s supple and lustrous feel is always maintained.

Developed to protect more than just your car's paintwork!

Supagard's new Polysilazane based glass coating protection, ExteriorGard, has been in development since 2002 and was only brought to market in 2016. Our goal over the extensive 14 year development period, was to create a protection system that was simply the best in the market... A product that went way beyond protecting the paintwork of your car. To this end, we have developed a product that works equally well on Metal, Plastic and Vinyl surfaces as it does with paint, meaning that whatever finish is on your car, Supagard's new ExteriorGard can protect it... and that's guaranteed!

Exterior Protection

Unprotected Car Paint

If left unprotected, deterioration begins from day one. Pollution, acid rain and UV rays and other pollutants will begin to oxidise the paint.

Unprotected after 1 year

The paint has started to oxidize and the grime in the low points can only be cleaned by a cutting polish which ​removes a layer of paint.

Protected after 5 years

Supagard protects the paint from day ​one. There has been no oxidization, no accumulation of grime and no ​reduction in paint thickness.

Interior Protection

Unprotected Interior

The unprotected seats and carpets in your new car can soak up liquids and dirt, leading to unsightly stains ​​and marks.

Unprotected after 1 year

Dirt and spilled liquids have been absorbed into the seats and carpets, causing stains and marks which ​can devalue your car.

Protected after 5 years

Supagard’s unique formula has protected and sealed the seats and carpets against staining so your car still looks ​as good as new.

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